Engineering & Business Development

Ghigos Energy is a consulting company founded in 2008 with the idea to combine and systemize different technical and commercial expertise of the funding partners and their network of consultants and collaborators.

The company operates as:

  • Project Developer (Real Estate and Renewable Energy)
  • Engineering, planning and design studio
  • Technical, strategic, and commercial consulting company for those firms and investors interested in entering the U.S market

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ghigos energyProject development

residential real estate

New Single family houses

Conversion/flip from apartments to condo or
single-family dwellings

renewable energy

Green field development of renewable energy power plants, from land scouting to construction

  • Scouting of Land /Projects
    with upside potential
  • Due-Diligence
    and Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering
    and Permitting
  • Construction
  • Sale of Property or
    Renewable Energy Project

ghigos energyEngineering

Our team of experts provides technical assistance in every step of the project, from feasibility, pre-design and design phases, to installation, construction, and maintenance.

Our engineering expertise, together with our privileged access to the latest and greatest European technology will make a difference in your project.

Ghigos is specialized in real estate, renewable energy and energy conservation projects, as well as in innovative building products.

Nevertheless, Ghigos peculiar organizational structure allows it to be active in different fields.

ghigos energyBusiness Development

We provide you with technical, strategic, commercial and operational support to increase your sales and expand your business in the U.S. market.

Ghigos is specialized in sustainability, real estate, solar and renewable energy and energy conservation projects, as well as in innovative building products. Even so, our flexible organizational structure and our extensive network allows it to be active in different fields.

Fields of activity

  • Bio-tech
  • Innovative Building Materials
  • LEED and Energy Conservation
  • Solar and Renewable Energy
  1. Product scouting and preliminary evaluation of market potential
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Market Research, Business Plan (we define a clear market entry and development strategy, including logistics and pricing)
  4. Operational support to start-up operations (office set-up, certificates and permits,...)
  5. Operational support to sale strategy (sale leads and promotion, partnerships agreements, logistics support...)

ghigos energyOrganizational Structure

Ghigos’s structure mirrors modern organizational models to reach the highest flexibility and create specific work teams each time different and each time appropriate and perfect for a specific project.

This way of proceeding allows to create highly specialized and prepared teams of consultants for any commission.

In addition, Ghigos can count on a large trusted and reputable business network that allows to easily reach key decision makers in several industries.

ghigos energyContact

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